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St Dunstan’s

Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England

St Dunstan's

The church was dedicated to St Dunstan, the great 10th Century archbishop.

One of the tales concerning his name holds that he once encountered Satan. Giving chase and cornering the devil, he gripped his nose firmly with his blacksmith’s tongs - for Dunstan was a skilled metalworker as well as a statesman. This parable is commemorated by two wooden carvings in the 15th century porch and also by the more modern (1971) lead and fibreglass figure shown here which is on the south aisle wall.

The chantry with memorial window to Bishop Wilberforce. The altar and tabernacle were installed as a memorial to men of the Parish who died in the 1914-18 and 1939-45. Wars.

St Dunstan’s Church

North Aisle Stained Glass

On the right, the stained glass roundels in a north aisle window were installed in 1988 to mark the Millennium of Archbishop Dunstan’s life and death.

Chantry with memorial window St Dunstan's North view St Dunstan pinching Satan's nose sculpture Aylesbury Font

The 12th century Aylesbury Font. The fluted, chalice-shaped design is similar to others in neighbouring parishes. These are all believed to have been made by the same craftsman.