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Ivan’s Thoughts

Food for Thought

It is a wise man that knows his own father and, perhaps, a curious mind that reflects on such thoughts.

I have attempted to keep a level head by recalling the words of Archbishop William Temple, considered by many as the greatest Archbishop the Anglican Church has ever had.  He once said, "If you're talking to God you are praying, but if God talks to you, you have got schizophrenia."

In this short article, I have asked myself two questions which, I believe, most people have pondered over during their lifetime:

Why did the Almighty create the world we live in and why did He decide to have so many different races, climates and languages, also animals, birds, bees and insects many of whom are dangerous to humans and kill each other for food?  Only God knows the answer but as he needed somewhere for His people to live, it could be a possible explanation.  

This brings me to my second question.  What is God's purpose for us all on this earth?  

We hear so often in church the words, "Keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of God."  

It is the word love that needs careful consideration.  Keith Ward, the well-known Oxford University theologian, says the following in his book, God: A Guide for the Perplexed.  "You love other people by caring for them, by giving freely to them and by helping them in trouble.  That you love God by appreciating, cherishing and taking care of the world God has created and by co-operating in the divine work of creating new and wonderful things."

The more obvious categories of God's caretakers are scientists, geologists, meteorologists, farmers, foresters, gardeners and conservationists, but what about the rest of us, where do we fit in?  Caretakers need back up in the form of the church, teachers, architects, law makers, medics, peace-keepers, businessmen, shopkeepers, drivers of transport and many, many other walks of life.  

I have now said enough to come to my conclusion.

The number one purpose of our lives on this earth is for us to play our part, whatever our calling, by looking after, preserving, promoting and improving the conditions of this world; to help others and try to live in brotherly friendship with our fellowmen throughout the civilised world.  

Ivan Stewart